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“Reprehensible” and “I CAN’T BREATHE” – GEORGE FLOYD trademark applications filed

In a month marked by protests following the death of US citizen George Floyd, there were two trademark applications in the European Union and United Kingdom for the term GEORGE FLOYD. In the US, applications have also been filed for I CAN’T BREATHE – words that Floyd repeated before his [...]


Storage of goods by individuals can constitute a trademark use in the EU

The European Court has ruled in the case C‑772/18 which concerns the following background: On 4 April 2011 B, a characteristic individual inhabitant in Finland, got from China a transfer of 150 metal balls saying something absolute 710 kg, utilized as extra parts in transmission instruments, generators and motors and in the [...]


IPR in the digital world

Intellectual property rights provide the cornerstone upon which innovation and creativity is encouraged and consumer trust fortified. But the digital world poses new obstacles — how to synchronize between “free” access to information and content which is considered by many to be a right when the cost of copying [...]