Patent legalization in Sri Lanka can be followed by the previous long stretches of this century. the essential hypothesis of the patent framework is basic also, sensible. It is alluring in the open intrigue that mechanical procedure thought to be improved. It supports exploration and development, it prompts a designer to uncover his disclosures as opposed to keeping them as a prized formula, it offers an award for the costs of creating development to the phase at which they are economically practicable lastly gives a prompting to put capital in new lines of creation. patent Granted for innovations by an administration national or local IP office of SriLanka for a constrained time frame. The time of security for a patent is 20 yrs from the date of recording of use.  Right to the proprietor for the restoration of patent yearly by paying expenses. The invention is characterized as another and imaginative answer for a specialized issue. Development of the invention into an attractive creation of a procedure for the Developments of society and patent can be protecting that invention from other similar ideas.

Topic 1 - Overview of the Patent System and Procedure in Sri Lanka

Patent Ordinance in Sri Lanka

The Ordinance introduced in the patent law of Sri Lanka from first January 1907 and was in power until the institution of the Code of Intellectual Property Act No.52 of 1979 in Sri Lanka. This Act was displayed on the British Act of the important period, just like the case in generally provincial establishments. It accommodated an individual whether a British subject or not to make an application for a patent. At least two people may make a joint application. The arrangement was likewise made for an individual to whom the innovation was conveyed by the genuine innovator if the real creator isn’t inhabitant in Ceylon (the previous name for Sri Lanka). The application must contain a presentation that the Applicant is in ownership of the invention and that he is the primary inventor. It must be joined either by a total particular or temporary determination and have a location in Colombo for the gathering of notification and correspondence. The Enlistment center will allow each application to an analyst who will find out whether the name of the invention has been genuinely depicted and the application, where a total detail has been left after the temporary particular, the Enlistment center will be allowed the two particulars to an inspector with the end goal of learning whether the total determination has been set up in an endorsed way and whether the creation especially depicted in the complete determination is considered equivalent to that, which is portrayed in the temporary detail. The inspector will likewise make an examination for the reason for finding out whether the innovation asserted has been entirely or to a limited extent guaranteed or portrayed in any request or determination (other than an appeal not followed by a total determination) distributed before the date of the application, what’s more, documented or stored in Sri Lanka before the date of the application. On acknowledgment of the total determination the Registrar will publicize in the Gazette and any individual may restrict an award of the patent on the ground of an Applicant having acquired the creation from him, or on the ground that the innovation has been protected in Ceylon on application or appeal of earlier date, or on the ground of the complete determination depicted or guarantee an innovation other than portrayed in the temporary determination. The Opposition request will be held by the Attorney General. On the off chance that there is no opposition or if the opposition procedures are resolved for the applicant the patent would be fixed. The term of a patent is for a time of 14 years.

Development of Patent Ordinance in Sri Lanka

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There was additionally arrangement in the Ordinance for the alteration of determination by the candidate or a patentee now and again to alter the determinations including drawings by the method of disclaimer, amendment, or clarification, expressing the idea of such correction and his explanation behind the equivalent. The Ordinance additionally accommodated the award of mandatory licenses. Any individual intrigued may introduce the appeal to the Minister asserting that the sensible prerequisites of the general population as for a protected innovation has not been fulfilled and appealing to God for an award of an obligatory permit or in the option for a renouncement of the patent. Arrangements were additionally made with respect to the grounds of the renouncement of the patent. Following the arrangements of most pilgrim enactment of the time, the uncommon arrangement was made for the enrolment of British patent and it was given that it will be legitimate for the registrar in his tact on the utilization of any individual is the holder or appointee of any patent for any creation allowed or gave in Great England and upon such confirmation, as the Registrar may consider adequate that such individual is the real holder of the said patent and upon the installment of the recommended expense apply to the Minister for the award of a Certificate under the Public Seal of Island and such Certificate will be regarded to be a patent given under the Mandate.

Code of Intellectual Property Act

The law of Sri Lanka manages patent and intellectual property act.  An invention and innovation have been characterized in Section 59 to signify “thought of a designer which allows by and by the answer for an explicit issue in the field of innovation”. Both item and procedure licenses are perceived in Sri Lanka as Section 59(2) gives that innovation might be, or may relate, to item or procedure. Anyway, the accompanying innovations are most certainly not patentable.

(a) Disclosures, logical speculations and scientific strategies;

(b) Plant or creature assortments or basically natural procedures for the creation of plants or creatures, other than smaller scale organic forms and the results of such procedures;

(c) plans, rules, or techniques for working together, performing absolutely mental acts or messing around;

(d) techniques for the treatment of the human or creature body by medical procedure or treatment, and indicative strategies rehearsed on the human or creature’s body;

Given, nonetheless, that this section will not have any significant bearing to the items utilized in any

such techniques. With respect to plant or creature assortments alluded to in the Sri Lankan Courts have not had a chance of setting out any standards as no case has been taken to the Superior Courts. Under U.K. patent law the strategies for agricultural business were not viewed as a patentable way of production. For example, the strategy for delivering another type of a realized plant was not a way of making regardless of whether it included a change of the conditions under which characteristic

wonders would seek after their inescapable course Anyway the procedure for the creation of eatable mushroom tissue in firm pellet structure has been held in England to be patentable application 1956 RPC 25. Again English Law has consistently considered the strategy for clinical treatment of people doesn’t comprise a patentable development application of 1977 RPC94, contra the situation in Israel establishment versus Patentees 1974 RPC 514 and questions were brought up in Australia in Jewish versus Commissioner of patent 1973 RPC 59 albeit New Zealand shows up to have followed the application of 1983 FSR 593. Anyway, these issues have not gotten thought by the Sri Lanka Court has yet. A development is patentable in the event that it is new, includes a creative advance, and is modern relevant (s.60). Innovation is new on the off chance that it isn’t foreseen by earlier craftsmanship. Earlier craftsmanship will comprise of: –

1. Everything uncovered to people in general, anyplace on the planet, by the composed distribution or, in Sri Lanka, by oral divulgence, by use or in some other way, before the documenting or, where proper, need date of the recording or, where proper, need date of the patent application asserting the development;

2. The substance of a household patent application having a previous documenting or, where proper, need date than the patent application alluded to in section (a), to the degree that such substance is remembered for the patent allowed based on the said household patent application. A divulgence made under subsection (2) (a) will be ignored: –

(2a). on the off chance that such exposure happened inside one year going before the date of the patent application and if such revelation was by reason or in the result of acts submitted by the candidate or his ancestor in the title;

(2b). on the off chance that such exposure happened inside a half year going before the date of the patent application and if such revelation was by reason or as a result of any maltreatment of the privileges of the candidate or his ancestor in the title.

  • An innovation has been characterized as follows:

Innovation will be considered as including an imaginative advance if, having respect to the earlier workmanship pertinent to the patent application asserting the creation, such innovation steps would not have been clear to an individual having common aptitude in the workmanship (s.62).

  • Modern application has been characterized as follows:

An innovation will be considered modern appropriate on the off chance that it very well may be made or utilized in any sort of industry.

Apply for Patent in Sri Lanka

The right to get a patent has a place with the inventor. Whereat least two people have together made creation, the privilege to a patent will have a place with them mutually. Section (65) of the patent in Sri Lanka anyway gives that where the basic components of the invention guaranteed in a patent application or patent have been unlawfully inferred from an invention for which the privilege to the patent has a place with someone else, such other individual may apply to the Court for a request that the said patent application or patent be appointed to him. Given that where, after a patent application has been recorded, the individual to whom the privilege to the patent has a place gives he agree to the documenting of the said patent application, such assent will, for all designs, be regarded to have been viable from the date of documenting of such application. Likewise, the Court of Sri Lanka will not engage an application for the task of a patent following five years from the date of award of the patent. On account of creations made by a worker or in accordance with a commission the execution of such work will be esteemed to gather to the business, or the individual who charged the work, by and large. Given that where the invention secures a monetary worth a lot more noteworthy than the gatherings could sensibly have anticipated at the hour of finishing up the agreement of work for the execution of work, by and large, the designer will be qualified for even-handed compensation which might be fixed by the Court without the Understanding between the gatherings. Where a representative whose agreement of work doesn’t expect him to participate in any imaginative movement makes, in the field of exercises of his manager, an invention utilizing information or means set available to him by his boss, the privilege to the patent for such innovation will be considered to gather to the business, in the nonappearance of any arrangement to the opposite in the agreement of the business. Given that the worker will be qualified for even-handed compensation which, in the nonappearance of Agreement between the gatherings, might be fixed by the Court considering his remittances, the financial estimation of the creation and any advantage got from it by the business.

Application of Patent Grant in Sri Lanka

An application for granting the patent will be made to the Registrar in the recommended form and contain: –

(i) A request for the grant of the patent;

 (ii) A description;

 (iii) A claim or claims;

 (iv)  A drawing or drawings, where required in patent;

 (v) An abstract.

Where the candidate’s standard home or a chief spot of business is outside of Sri Lanka he will be spoken to by an operator inhabitant in Sri Lanka. The application might be joined by an announcement marked by the innovator and inventor, giving his name and address and mentioning that he be named as such in the patent. The solicitation will contain: –

(a) A petition that the patent be granted;

(b) The title of the invention;

(c) The name, address, description and any other prescribed information concerning the applicant, the inventor and the agent, if any.

Where the candidate isn’t the inventor the solicitation will be, joined by an articulation advocating the candidate’s privileges to the patent. The portrayal will unveil the creation in a way adequately clear and complete for the creation to be assessed, and to be done by an individual having conventional aptitude in the craftsmanship, and will specifically show the best mode known to the candidate for completing the creation. The case or claims will be clear, compact, and upheld by the depiction. Drawings will be required when they are vital for the comprehension of the innovation. Terms of the case or claims will decide the degree and degree of the insurance managed by the patent and the depiction and drawings might be utilized the case or claims. The conceptual will fill the need for specialized data and will not be utilized for the motivation behind deciding or deciphering the degree and degree of the assurance managed by the patent application will be joined by the recommended expense and by an inquiry report of an International sort search as might be recommended. Notwithstanding taking into account such International sort searches the candidate may demand the Registrar allude the application to a nearby inspector who will look at the application on the premise of the cases with due respect to the portrayal and drawings and outfit a report to the Registrar on the important earlier craftsmanship in the wake of having tried to find as a great part of the applicable earlier craftsmanship as the offices patent.


The patent allowed for innovations by an administration (national or territorial IP office) of Sri Lanka for a restricted time period. The time of patent is 20 yrs from the date of documenting of utilization and furthermore gives restrictive rights to the proprietor. The patentee may likewise re-establish of patent yearly by paying charges. The Invention is characterized as another and innovative answer for a specialized issue. That might be a completely new development or steady improvement to a known item or procedure. From that, an inventive thought created as a working model or model. The development of the innovation change into an attractive item for a procedure. The Inventions meet after prerequisites can be protected. In which curiosity claimed topic ought not to be uncovered in any place on the planet by oral revelation or by composed distribution. The Inventive Step couldn’t be derived by an individual with normal information on the specialized field. The Industrial pertinence must be of pragmatic use and should be acknowledged as “patentable” under the law to be uncovered by the Sri Lanka government.

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