Patent Litigation Support Services in India

Patent Licensing in India

Patent Litigation Support Services in India


     We offer patent litigation support services like claim construction service, claim charts service, invalidity search service, and patent landscape analysis service. Our patent litigation support outsourcing to India empowers corporations with the superior interpretation of patent claims & specifications in legal contexts.

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Centriik offers patent litigation support, patent infringement search, experts for claim construction services in India. Get your patent litigation support outsourcing done by us with the best quality and at the most cost-effective price compared to the US and Europe.Patent Litigation Support Services in India – Centriik is a dynamic patent litigations support outsourcer offering high-quality and on-time patent litigation support services to clients globally. We offer invalidity search, claim chart analysis, and much more at affordable rates. Patent Litigation Support/analysis outsourcing is an extremely important component of a patent portfolio. At Centriik, we can provide you with highly technical support in the form of expert report creation and presentations such as claim charts.

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Restrictive/Unlawful Inclusions in a License

Understanding Patent Infringement, Claims, and Collateral Invalidity of a patent is essential for effective Patent Litigation. Centriik has been established as an end-to-end Patent Litigation Support Services Provider in India that covers infringement landscape, claim charts and expert witness to study patent litigation risk & damage estimation, etc. Centriik offers one of the most coveted services for patent prosecution practice for law firms and attorneys: patent litigation support. It is a general fact that patent litigation is basically an expensive undertaking, wherein the business clients are put on hold. Hence, businesses cannot afford to overlook accurate data analysis and classification, which leads to a strong case structure. Taking this into account, Centriik has devised patent litigation support services to cater to legal needs worldwide. The team of our patent litigation Services experts takes utmost care to deliver the best-in-class services for securing the IPs of your company in a cost-effective as well as transparent manner

Centriik is a leading provider of patent, trademark, and copyright litigation support services to law firms around the world, with more than two decades of remarkable experience. We help law firms to win cases by providing them with efficient and accurate litigation support services. Patent litigation support helps to reduce the complexity and cost of portfolio analysis significantly. Our patent litigation professionals use their extensive domain knowledge and strong technical expertise to simplify the patent analysis process and deliver quality patent litigation analysis services. For any patent litigation services to be successful, well-prepared legal evidence is a must. A good patent analysis report with valid legal evidence has the power to convince the court of law. Our team prepares party patent analysis reports and patent infringement reports with utmost care and diligence.


Suitable consideration ought to be taken to guarantee that conditions, which might be viewed as unlawful, are excluded from patent permitting or deal arrangements. Further, when the understanding is gone, fitting advances must be taken to keep the arrangement legitimate and enforceable.

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