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What is Infringement search?

A patent infringement search occurs when another company begins using, selling, or manufacturing a patented product without the patent owner's consent or license. Therefore, the sale or manufacture of an unexpired patented invention in a patent-protected territory without obtaining a license from the patentee constitutes a patent infringement investigation [...]

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All You Need To Know About Patent Litigation Support

You search online and find thousands of firms offering patent litigation services but how do you make sense of it? Centriik can help you predict where litigation will come from, and how to preemptively protect your IP against infringement. By automating patent analytics with machine-learning algorithms, we make Patentability [...]

Patent Litigation Services

Tips on How to Ensure a Successful Patent Litigation

The latest patent litigation services news suggests that when the law moves against you, that’s not the end of your troubles. The average cost of a patent lawsuit is $23 million, according to the Global Intellectual Property Center at George Mason University, and this number is climbing every year. [...]