What is Patent Landscape Search?

What is Patent Landscape Search?

Patent Landscape is a survey aimed at providing an overview of a given field on a single platform, providing multiple insights for decision makers. The Patent Landscape Analysis can take a large number of patents and extract relevant information that helps to understand a particular area, all of which can be analyzed in one file or dashboard. 

The insights derived may be one or more of the following:

The filing/publication trend (time wise), the filing trend (technology wise), the top assignees or key players and their technology wise trends, the top inventors working in technical area, research for the technology in different countries, the different categories into which the technology can be divided into (taxonomy) number and kind of patents have been filed in the categories etc. 

What advantages do you get after Landscape Search?

  • Patent landscape search helps clients get an overview of the technical field, issues on research of the invention, development or evolution in invention, competitors and positioning in the patent field. 
  • Implementing a patent landscape for a client is an opportunity to communicate information that can have a significant impact on the client’s business success.
  • The patent landscape is a vehicle for patent professionals to provide their clients a deep understanding of the technical field and help them to make smart decisions about how to invest their time and money on the technology.
  • The patent landscape to identify areas of risk and opportunity, eliminate competitors and potential allies, implement effective international patent filing strategies, and enforce existing patent rights. 

Centriik’s detail approach for Landscape Search?

  1. The searches are run with technologies restrictions since the term novelty and inventive steps itself indicates that the invention should be known or unknown any time before and after applying for a patent.
  1. The patent landscape report provides a snapshot of the innovation happening in a particular technology area at a particular point in time, but it also tells where the technology is headed, which company/industry is involved and where the innovation is taking place.
  1. Cenriik’s landscape report includes objective, science-based metrics that measure the impact of patented inventions and the strength of the overall patent landscape report.
  1. Centriik’s patent engineers provides more complete and accurate descriptions of patent rights and technology developments, and can inform our clients’ businesses, including research and development efforts and patent filing strategies.
  1. Defining the relevancy criteria is crucial while considering relevant and related references.
  1. Out-of-the-box approach to verify more than simple database lookup.
  1. Divide the relevant prior arts according to the similar or near similar novel feature of invention. Searches are made to see old product brochures and discontinued products, find dukes from witty companies, and examine publications from the early history of the technology used.
  1.  The volume of non-English literature for Invalidation Search should not be neglected or underestimated
  1. Native language capabilities in 16+ languages including CN, JP, KR, FR and DE.
  1. Landscape Search Report Format: Excel report and Power point report.

An excel file that includes keywords, IPC classes, search strings, project methodology, patents mapping as per the key features of the provided product and many other details related to project. 

The power point reports includes graphs, survey of technologies, technology used in countries, evolution of technology, technology trends, Assignee distribution, Impact Factor, Interesting Market Insights etc. 

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