Design Search

What are Design Searches?

The searching of a design patent for an innovation is simpler than getting a utility patent. Despite how simple it is to obtain a design patent, applications are frequently turned down. Extensive design patent searches are a typical and important method for assuring the patent-worthiness of designs. Although candidates can carry out such searches on their own, it is recommended to enlist professional help in order to get accurate search results.

Why you need Design Searches?

Searching for design patents is important as it will help the people to avoid duplicating and existing patents. There are many websites that the person may use to search for existing design patents. However, be careful when doing the research of design. Some sites have limitations and will not find all existing design patents. During the design patent search, it is highly challenging to do a keyword search. The drawings are the elements of an application that are the most illustrative. As a result, the person needs to look for the photographs more diligently. The inventors should search their concepts and if not then should take professional help to find the similar design or concept which previously been covered by design patents. This expedites and lowers the cost of the design patenting procedure. The design patents searching can be an excellent tool for discouraging the limitations and displaying the validity of design patent to the public. They can also be used to stop the introduction of illegal goods.

Centriik’s detailed Approach to Design Searches?

1.The searches are run without any date restrictions since the design itself indicates that the invention should not be known any time before applying for a patent or design.
2.Defining the relevancy criteria is crucial while considering relevant and related references
3.Divide the relevant prior arts according to the similar or near similar design feature of invention.
4.The volume of market products that are similar to the design for patentability and design projects should not be neglected or underestimated.
5.If a single relevant result directly mapping on all the features searched is found, the project need to be change with the need of additional searches.
6.Design search report format: Word report – A word file that includes keywords, objective, search overview, key-feature (features of design), Database methodology, design patent mapping as per the key features of the provided invention or product and many other details related to project.
7.We also provide design product mapping if it is required by the client.