Patentability Search

What is Novelty Search/Patentability Search?

A search made on an inventive idea, disclosure, or preliminary set of claims to see whether there is a chance of getting the concept (or idea) patented in the near future while taking into account what is already available in the invention’s domain, market, or sector.

For an invention to be patentable, following three requirements must be met. 

1. The innovation must be novel. It must not be obvious.

2. It must involve an inventive step. 

3. It must be industrially useful.

A novelty search is another name for a patentability search. However, there is a slight distinction between novelty search and patentability. A novelty search is often a low-cost search done on a rough draft of the invention to determine whether or not it has any new or innovative aspects and whether it is non-obvious.

Who needs to perform a Patentability Search

Before developing and submitting a patent specification, patent applicants are required to conduct exhaustive patentability searches. Pre-application searches are another name for these searches. It is significant to highlight that the breadth of a patentability search is constrained in comparison to a state-of-the-art search.

Centriik’s detailed approach for Patentability Searches?

  1. The searches are run without any date restrictions since the term novelty itself indicates that the invention should not be known any time before applying for a patent.
  2. Defining the relevancy criteria is crucial while considering relevant and related references
  1. Divide the relevant prior arts according to the similar or near similar novel feature of invention.
  1.  The volume of non-English literature for patentability projects should not be neglected or underestimated
  1. Native language capabilities in 16+ languages including CN, JP, KR, FR and DE.
  1. If a single relevant result directly mapping on all the features searched is found, the project can be terminated immediately without the need of additional searches (Legal opinion on demand). 
  1. Patentability Search Report Format: PDF report that includes keywords, objective, search overview, key-feature, Database methodology, patents mapping as per the key features of the provided invention or product and many other details related to project.