Trademark portfolio is a valued asset. A trademark portfolio, like any other asset, requires constant monitoring, auditing, and management of each trademark family. An imperative analysis is done on a complete trademark portfolio or a subsection of trademark families, in which each trademark family in a portfolio can contain trademark applications, as well as registered trademarks.

Trademark portfolio management allows an effective consultation and maintenance of all your trademarks. This service, provided by our team, includes several advantages, such as having a dedicated account manager monitoring your processes in the customer area or defining the best strategy for representing, maintaining, and legally protecting your trademarks.

We have the knowledge and experience to shield your trademark portfolio from infringement. If your trademarks do come under any attack from competitors, you can rest easy knowing that we are fully equipped to protect your rights. With experts from team Centriik managing your brand and your assets, you can focus on growing your business and expanding your innovations.


  • Watching and monitoring trademarks will help a business owner look for possible conflicts, including those who might be infringing on the protection or diluting the trademark.
  • We ensure your trademark doesn’t fall through the cracks, and end up unregistered. This prevents you from having to attend court to fight for a trademark that has lapsed.
  • We continuously watch and advice on your own use of your own trademarks to ensure registration doesn’t lapse due to long periods of non-use.
  • Protection from online infringement of your trademark. Our expertise in IT law gives us an edge in protecting and maintaining the digital aspects of your trademark portfolio.
  • Strategy development to defend your trademark portfolio from possible infringements. This includes promptly prosecuting any infringements and publicly putting infringers on notice, before they profit from your intellectual property.
  • In-depth analysis of your trademark portfolio. This enables us to advise which trademarks are important, and areas where trademarks may be unnecessary due to trademark overlap. This ensures you focus on the important trademarks, rather than spending unnecessary money. At CENTRIIK, we’re all about cost-effective solutions.

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