What is Patent Drawing and why do you need it?

Patent Drawing

What is Patent Drawing and why do you need it?

Patent drawing is the important component of a patent application. Where an illustration of drawings can more effectively define the invention especially while writing a patent specification. To complete the illustration that can only be made possible by a written description alone, the Patent specification should be supported by one or more drawings. All significant patent systems, including those in the US, Europe, India, China, and the PCT, must include to this fundamental principle. The majority of engineering and design applications call for patent drawings to specify the claim’s boundaries. A sufficient number of views should be included in the drawings or pictures in order to fully explain the invention and cover the patent claim.

Why you should choose Centriik for Patent Drawing

Centriik have experienced and qualified patent drawing team to illustrate drawing: 

  • As per the Act and Rules of PCT, USPTO, EPO, IPO, SIPO etc.   
  • Any type of drawing, including: – Utility, Electronic, Mechanical, Drawing-exploded, Drawing-graph, Flowchart and schematics, Sectional views, Perspective views.
  • Keen eye to prepare the technical and complex drawings, and assuring there is no lack of technical accuracy, and thus, no chance of rejection of patent application by Patent Office of any country. 
  • Equipped with tools that are needed for quality illustrations.
  • Keen eye to drawings or structures, that are mandatory to support the claim of novelty and non-obviousness.

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