In a knock-out search, patent and non-patent databases are focused to find the prior art that is identical or strikingly similar to the invention. In other words we can say it is a speedy and concentrated patentability search. The purpose of knock out search is to assist the person to identify potential conflicts that might appear while processing the person’s application. It just takes a few strong references, or the best references, to “knock out” the originality of an innovation or make the underlying concept clear. A standard patentability/novelty search takes much longer to complete than this preliminary search.

Why you need Knock-out Searches?

Knockout searches are designed for the person inventors and also for the industries or companies looking to save costs and time on assessing the patentability of inventions. The groups can leverage knock out search as a short turnaround and low cost option to lessen the quantity of invention disclosures attaining to the subsequent stage through nearly 60-70%. The knockout searches focused on mainly the newness issue of the invention, and offer the person with a short and smooth manner to get right of entry to the patentability in their inventions. The search is carried out the usage of business patent databases and is limited to 3 important submitting jurisdictions, i.e., US, EP and WIPO.

Centriik’s detailed Approach to Knock-out Searches?

  1. The fast run searches without any date restrictions since the term novelty itself indicates that the invention should not be known any time before applying for a patent.
  1. Defining the relevancy criteria is crucial while considering relevant and related references limited to US, EP and WIPO.
  1. Divide the relevant prior arts according to the similar or near similar novel feature of invention.
  1.  The volume of non-English literature for patentability projects should not be neglected or underestimated
  1. If a single relevant result directly or indirectly mapping on all the features searched is found, the project can be terminated immediately without the need of additional searches.
  1. Knock out Search Report Format: PDF report that includes keywords, objective, search overview, key-feature, database methodology, patents mapping as per the key features that provides few results which is similar to the invention and many other details related to the project.