What are Structure and Sequence Search?

What are Structure and Sequence Search?

Structure Search: – When a certain substance is novel, there structure searches are necessary. It becomes highly challenging to seek a new structure by using a common name or IUPAC name for “Chemical compounds”. Additionally, it is challenging to find patents that disclose interesting and novel structures by using keywords search alone, because patents often write chemical formulas, or IUPAC names etc. differently to make their search innovative and interesting. 

Sequence Search: – Sequence comprises nucleotide sequences like DNA-RNA and Amino acids sequences like peptides or proteins. Patent searches for sequences required special knowledge about bio-chemistry. The sequence search is challenging to identify the patents with keywords because the novelty of sequences lines in the distinctive combination of nucleotide or amino acid. Even if the specified sequence includes a common name but not all the patents consist similar novelty or inventive step and thus variety of such results is also missed during the keyword based search.

Why you need Structure and Sequence Search?

Structure Search:-

  • A Chemical Structure Search includes searching for patent and non-patent literature in multiple and specific databases, while a Sequence Search provides a quick overview of the document report for a certain nucleotide or amino acid sequence.
  • The searching technique involves multiple permutation and combinations to uncover references even with the slightest changes.
  • For conducting a chemical structure and sequence search, researchers in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical sciences are particularly interested in the properties of molecules with their applications.
  • For an effective search technique that may uncover the references which are otherwise difficult to find.
  • To find the structures and patents which are very difficult to search through keywords and codes. 
  • For assessing patentability.
  • For analyses of Freedom to Operate.

Why you should Select Centriik for Structure and Sequence Search?

  • Centriik uses specialized structure and sequence databases for the searching of structural & sequential novelty and features. 
  • These searches can be conducted by using paid database services like STN, DGENE, PCTGEN, USGEN, Orbit and free chemical search databases like chemspider, CAPLUS, REGISTRY, NCBI MARPAT etc. 
  • Centriik also provides a final report with the findings of the structure and sequences searches and accurate legal status.
  • Native language capabilities in 16+ languages including CN, JP, KR, FR and DE.
  • Legal opinion on demand. 
  • Structure & Sequences Search Report Format: Excel report that includes keywords, IPC classes, search strings, structural layout(optional), project methodology, patents mapping and NPL (Non-patent literatures) as per the key features of the provided product and many other details related to project.

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