What is Infringement search?

What is Infringement search?

A patent infringement search occurs when another company begins using, selling, or manufacturing a patented product without the patent owner’s consent or license. Therefore, the sale or manufacture of an unexpired patented invention in a patent-protected territory without obtaining a license from the patentee constitutes a patent infringement investigation and can be legally challenged. The output of Patent Infringement Search comes in the form of Evidence Of Use (EOU) charts or claim charts, which map potentially infringing product features to the claim elements of the covered patent.

Who needs Infringement search?

Patent infringement occurs when a product or technology reads the full scope of a patent’s claims. If the product or technology is sold, manufactured, or used without the patent owner’s consent or knowledge, the patent owner has the right to take action against the person or company concerned. This gives the patent holder exclusive rights to their invention and allows them to license the manufacture and sale of the patented product.

Why you should Select Centriik for Infringement search?

  • We have qualified engineers to conduct detailed searches for identifying the relevant products that may infringe on the patent.
  • We run infringement searches to find product/process and design/redesign that violates the rights of a patent.
  • Our infringement search provides the name of company/industry or applicant who starts using, selling or making the patented product without taking consent or license from the patent owner or inventor.
  • Our infringement search report includes claim chart and claim/design mapping to the disclosure for establishing the scope of claims with respect to the specification/detailed description.
  • We defines the relevancy criteria is crucial while considering relevant and related references
  • Native language capabilities in 16+ languages including CN, JP, KR, FR and DE.
  • The NPL, Websites (Selling and Manufacturing websites) and videos of the product should not be neglected or underestimated in the Infringement search (Evidence of use) report. 
  • Format: Infringement search report – PDF file that includes the final report for the search with relevant products, patents or technology, key features, search strategy, keywords, classes, key assignees, key inventors, Key industries/owners and claim charts/ product and design mapping that shows the selling-buying/publishing the similar products in the market without actual owner’s consent or without product’s license. 

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